Our Wedding Party

We have been blessed with some seriously wonderful people in our lives.

It was hard to narrow it down to a few who would stand beside us on our big day,

but we each chose six people who have stood by us, whether related through blood or sister/brotherhood,

throughout the last four years.

Now, meet the party.

IMG_4965Breann States | Matron of Honor

Breann and I have been best friends since our early college years. We met and instantly became fast friends, then room mates and before we knew it, inseparable. Her boyfriend at the time we met, Dustin, was Jason’s room mate, and now, her husband. We continue to be close friends–the four of us–and love to go on double dates and have a blast together. Living in two different places has been difficult, but we have made the best out of it. Bre & Dustin share the same heart for missions we do and will soon be moving to Asia in the summer of 2013. We look forward to joining them one day and building huts together in the jungle and raising lots of missionary kids together. Breann is truly my older sister, my go- to for times when Jason and I can’t seem to understand each other. It’s quite comical how alike she and Jason are and how alike Dustin and I are. Dustin and I usually get in trouble with each other. She is my mentor, best friend and I don’t know what I would do without her in my life. She is such a blessing to both Jason and I.

IMG_5559 Lauren Ballard | Maid of Honor

Lauren and I met while on the set of a tv show. We spent 15 hours together in a car. Not even kidding. When you spend that much time together with someone, you either become best friends or hope to never see each other again. Luckily, the former was the case and we have been inseparable since the summer of 2010. Lauren is whimsical, loving and full of laughter. She is my opposite with blonde hair, blue eyes and way more crafty than I could ever be, but she is also the one I have leaned on much through this long separation of Jason being gone. We are notorious for sipping coffee together at our favorite coffee house, finding the best cupcakes in Orlando and watching action-packed guy movies instead of chick-flicks. Though she hasn’t known Jason as long as every one else has, she has been so supportive and welcoming of him in my life and hers. It’s an honor to have her in my life and by my side.

elena1Elena Manubens | Bridesmaid

Elena is my younger sister by 18 months. We are complete opposites in every single way possible, yet as we have gotten older we have grown to be more alike. Elena is quite possibly one of the sweetest people to walk on the earth–even as kids, she would happily take the blame for the trouble we got into and was always so kind, even when I was the “mean” older sister. Her passions are horses, children and teaching and she is currently working towards getting her Master’s Degree in Education, which I am so proud of her for. She has developed a heart for the world having ministered in Kenya and Zambia in the past two years and she hopes to teach overseas in the future. She recently took a job with a summer camp in Georgia, working with children and horses and luckily she’ll be able to come home a few days before the wedding to celebrate with Jason and I!


Kayla Manubens | Bridesmaid

Kayla is my 18 year old sister. It’s interesting how siblings can all be so different, for she is unique in her own way, far different from Elena and I. Free spirited and passionate are two words that come to mind about Kayla. She’s bold, fiery and loves to speak her mind. She’s passionate about horses, criminology, cooking and humor. And she is all about the fun of a wedding celebration. Kayla loves Jason and has happily taken on the role of younger sister to him, baking him her famous cookies and even cooking up his favorite–biscuits and gravy for breakfast! I am so happy to have her standing by my side as Jason and I officially become one.

photoJuliana Manubens | Bridesmaid

Juliana is my beautiful cousin, who is as opposite as can be, yet we are so alike. It’s crazy. Though we grew up on separate parts of the US, as we have grown, we have gotten closer and look forward to yearly father/daughter trips to New York City just before Christmas. Jules has been a part of our love story from the beginning, staying up late with me as I talked to Jason through Skype while we took a family vacation to Chile. Every year I see her she would ask me how he was, and what a delight to finally tell her we were getting married. She is oh so very dear to me and I’m so glad she will be making the long journey from the west coast to be there for our big day.

IMG_5739Brooke Pagel | Bridesmaid

Brooke and I met in our freshman year of college. She was there with me the night I first told her about meeting Jason and what I felt about him, she was there while we were together and apart, on team Jason when it didn’t look like we’d ever get back together, she was there when I found my engagement ring and again as he proposed. Brookie and I have traveled the world together from Israel to Cambodia and both share a love for traveling, cultures and coffee. I couldn’t imagine marrying my best friend without her there by my side.

morganMorgan Jett | Jr. Bridesmaid

Morgan is practically Jason’s younger sister. The first time I met Morgan, she didn’t quite understand I was Jason’s girlfriend, but believed in all actuality that I was a playmate that he had brought home to her! It’s been such a joy to watch Morgan grow and blossom into such a beautiful young woman, and I am so happy to have her stand beside my on our wedding day.

IMG_7411Esther & Emma Grace Manubens | Flower Girls

Esther & Emma Grace are my sweet, fun and loving baby sisters. They are experiences flower girls and I’m luckily getting them on their discounted rate! Esther is sweet & sassy, has a hilarious sense of humor and likes to say I’m her second favorite sister, but I know she’s only saying that. Emma Grace is sweet and loving and proudly proclaims me as her favorite big sister. Though they deem themselves “much too old” and “too experienced” for the flower girl positions, they are excited to be a part of our big day and are so excited about having another older brother to love on.

travisTravis Grisham | Best Man

Travis and Jason have been friends for a long time.

dustinDustin States | Groomsman

Dustin & Jason met at Southeastern.

brentBrent Murray | Groomsman

Brent & Jason have been friends since college.

JJJordan Jett | Groomsman

Jordan & Jason are super close and Jason consider him a younger brother.

ianIan Manubens | Groomsman

Ian is Sera’s younger brother.

asherAsher Manubens | Jr Groomsman

Asher is Sera’s younger brother.



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