A Great Love Story

They met on a cool fall evening in October 2008.

He was sitting at a table outside the cafe at Southeastern University with some friends.

She was at the table next to his, chatting with a friend.

A mutual friend between the two introduced them.

He played soccer and she would casually come by to watch him play.

He thought she was beautiful from the moment he saw her.

She couldn’t remember his name.


But he was quick to forgive her since he really liked the attention.

While over Thanksgiving break from classes, he began chatting with her.

A few texts here, a few texts there.

When she saw him in the cafeteria after the break, there was a peculiar feeling in her stomach!


They spent the next few weeks together.

Getting to know one another.

Hanging out with friends.

They were officially “talking.”

One night at Starbucks sealed their fate.

They went with a few friends, but their friends quickly realized they would rather be left alone.

He flirted with her all night. She flirted right on back.

He was the “soy”milk to her coffee.

He was completely smitten with her.

But he was moving home to Georgia in just a few weeks.

That day came quickly and she realized saying goodbye to him was going to be much more difficult than she imagined.

She shed her first ever tears over a boy.

Later that evening as he was driving home to Georgia,

he texted her a text with a line from a Goo Goo Dolls song,

“you wanna get married and run away?”

And she just knew. 

She was going to marry him.

Christmas Day 2008.

They officially were in a relationship, according to Facebook.

For New Years, he drove down to Florida to visit.

He was so excited he woke up at 5:00 am to drive the 5 hour journey.

They shared their first kiss on New Years Eve.

As he drove home and she left for a family vacation to Chile,

she texted him, “I freakin’ love you!”

And he replied, “I love you back.”

Things moved fast.

They couldn’t get enough of each other.

The next few months were filled with many trips back and forth between Florida & Georgia.

They fell more in love as the months went by.

They shared their dreams of becoming missionaries to Asia and having lots of babies.

They vacationed together with her family in the Bahamas and she joined him at youth camp in Georgia.

But, one thing led to another and soon a very difficult time ensued as they broke apart and tried to make things work.

For the next year, they would continue to be friends and try to work things out.

In August 2010, he moved back to Florida to continue attending Southeastern University.

Finally, they thought,

we can try to make this work again!

But after a few weeks of praying and fasting,

God made it clear that this was not the right timing.

Brokenhearted, they parted ways again for a long while.

2011 took her on many new journeys.

She spent a month studying abroad in Israel

then moved home for the spring

and spent her summer traveling to Cambodia and Liberia.

He continued his studies in missions

and led a missions team to The Philippines over the summer.

Missionaries there offered him a position to work with them. 

But, one thing remained.

He knew how much he missed her and how she still held his whole heart.

As they both began their final year in college together

he was determined to tell her his feelings,

but every time he got near her nerves got a hold of him. 

He couldn’t even talk to her without jumbling up his words.

And she didn’t know what was wrong with him. 

But on another cool, fall day in October, they found themselves together at another cafe.

And after the awkward small talk,

he laid his whole heart on the table.

He told her his life was incomplete without her and she was the only one for him. He couldn’t imagine his future without her.

And though she was scared, she knew. Because the words he was saying, were exactly what her heart was feeling.

He had even asked her parents for permission to date her (again)

and all of their friends were ecstatic that the two who had always been meant for each other were finally together again.

The next few months the love they had for each other that had been there the whole time continued to grow and grow and grow.

And on May 2, 2012,

he got down on one knee…

asked her a very important question…

and she said YES. (actually she said “YEAH!”)

It’s a long, very special, intricately written story crafted especially by the Lord himself.

Though their dreams took them a part for a bit of a while,

their dreams really were each other.

He moved to the Philippines as a full-time missionary in June

In August, she began working for a non-profit called Feeding Children Everywhere.

He’s finally, coming home in March 2013.

And three months later,

they will finally, finally,

see the culmination of so many months of waiting come together

on June 28, 2013



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